Archive | October 27, 2009


I Corinthians 11:3 Now I want you to realise that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

The memory of that day is still vivid and alive…it almost feels like yesterday. Yes, of course its the day you walked down the aisle to say ‘I do’ to your Prince Charming. Let me refresh your memory: It was love at first sight. Following many months of courtship, you both are convinced that you are meant for each other. The date is set. After countless hours of meticulous planning for your big day, it finally arrives. And it is perfect; the hidden beauty in you outshines in your carefully picked bridal gown. The groom…i.e your new husband is YOUR KING!

The first two years he remembers to buy flowers to celebrate the anniversary. The third year he just buys chocolate. By your tenth anniversary, he has missed so many opportunities than you could care to count. But something has changed along the way. YOU. You have changed beyond recognition. YOUR KING no longer CAPTIVATES you. In fact, YOU DESPISE him.

Your story is not unique. In my bible, there was once a love story…as a matter of fact, three love stories but each with a different ending. One husband with three lovely women. King David’s love story:
Michal was the perfect wife for a young King in waiting. The first couple of years were unforgettable. Then a dance changed their destiny as a couple…Michal remained childless for the rest of her life…she had missed her destiny. Abigal was different. Her husband Nabal was a fool but she was wise and lovely. She quickly seized the opportunity which her husband had missed; lives were spared and before long…she too became a part of royalty…she had earned her destiny by her wisdom. Bethsheba was beautiful but another’s wife. But King David couldn’t resist her. Sin was committed, a child was conceived and a murder was conspired. Then came the consequences, short and long term ones. But still, their love story ended beautifully. Solomon gave us the Proverbs to keep you and I from making the same mistakes as they did.