Archive | October 19, 2009


Amos 3:3 Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? NIV

With our fifth wedding anniversary quickly approaching, I still marvel at the goodness of the Lord for the gift of my husband, Chris. Seven years ago when I first set my eyes on him, it never occurred to me that our paths could cross and intertwin for life. You see, Chris was not your usual nice next door neighbor. He was on a mission….in fact he was a Catholic missionary busy going about his work in my native country, Kenya and set for life as a single – a celibate single.

On the other hand, I was single…but waiting on the Lord. Yes, for a husband…a God-fearing husband. And God answered my prayer. CHRIS was the answer. “But God, wait a minute. He is Catholic!” No answer came…at least not in words. However, His Peace flooded my heart and I felt at rest. After two years of courtship, Chris and I became husband and wife.

Walking together through a life contract is not easy. Walking together with my husband in this journey of life has in so many ways helped me to rethink and re-evaluate what is important and what people think or say is important. From outside, my husband and I are different in many ways. He is white, I am black. He is Catholic and I am Protestant. He is Polish and I am Kenyan. And the list is endless. Yet, as different as we may seem, we are still walking on the same road of life. HIS GRACE has kept us walking on and on…..